Vetenskap och folkbildning fortsätter att kartlägga ”die Swedischen Quacksalbers”. Du kan följa arbetet på Google Maps ”Woo Maps” där VoF hela tiden adderar nya människor som ska bort. Första steget är att peka ut dem. Hjälp VoF i det viktiga rensningsarbetet.

”This map was started by a Swedish skeptic with the educational and journalistic purpose of estimating the numbers and geographical distribution of businesses that profit from different sorts of non-evidence based treatments and therapies as well as other services based on pseudoscientific or irrational claims.”

”The map is at the moment open for anybody to edit, add or remove entries to the so called ”Irrational Sector”.”

”If your business has been mentioned in this list despite not having anything to do with pseudoscience or treatments not proven to be effective, please contact the administrator at explaining why you should be taken off the list.”

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